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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy :: What The Heck Is It?

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy :: What The Heck Is It?

You’ve decided to finally get some help for the parts of your life that feels messy, but now you’re really confused as you sift through the many pages of available therapists on sites such as Psychology Today. Smiling therapists offering so many different paths to help and healing and some techniques have really strange names, like, “psychodynamic psychotherapy.” Sounds a bit scary, and clinical and even sterile, but it’s actually a really helpful treatment option for some problems. I’ll explain briefly.

A therapist practicing psychodynamic psychotherapy or psychoanalytic psychotherapy means that they do work that helps you understand yourself deeply. The goal is insight and self-awareness into why you do what you do, or keep repeating patterns and dynamics that interfere with having the life that you desire.It involves a bit of deep digging to unearth these behavior patterns but so worth it. Because much of what we do is unconscious, we live in a way that leads to habitual patterns and repetition. The fancy word for this is “repetition compulsion” which is a neurotic style that we engage in. This may eventually lead to frustration and certainly a lack of agency of your life. In psychodynamic therapy, you will begin to notice these patterns and behaviors that are driving you so that you can grow and live your life in a way that is intentional and conscious, not driven by the voices of the past, the many

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