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The War On The Sash -- Donald Trump, Pageants And Life After Miss USA

Oh why oh why did I ever leave Ohio...

In the weeks following Donald Trump's controversial remarks about immigration, the Miss USA pageant has lost its networks, judges, co-hosts, and sponsor(s). As a former Miss USA and runner up in the Miss Universe Pageant, I've been deluged with requests to provide my views on the current beauty queen crisis and the state of pageantry going forward. I currently live in New York City and am, for over determined reasons, a highly-trained licensed psychotherapist, EMDR therapist and consultant with a very successful and rewarding private practice. For years I managed to stay "off the radar" regarding my pageant life, that is, until the internet took its place in history. A friend googled my name some time ago and shared that I, Kim Seelbrede, from small town Ohio, did indeed have my own wikipedia page.

They can't actually see you...

Horror. I don't actually like attention -- I'm an introvert, a behind the scenes kind of gal. 

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