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Finding Therapy: Oh So Many Choices

Are you looking for someone to talk to other than friends and family? If you're thinking therapy (seriously, maybe, finally?), then this article from The Huffington Post Healthy Living section, The Most Popular Kinds Of Therapy-And Why You Should Try One is a great starting point for someone who is contemplating psychotherapy, but doesn't have a clue about where to begin, or what they might need. While it is certainly not a complete offering of all the various types of therapies and schools of thought, it certainly gives a snapshot of some important therapy approaches such as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, CBT, Group Therapy, Family Therapy and DBT Therapy and also describes the kinds of issues these therapies are best suited to target. If you already have some understanding of what your struggling with, then this article can make what can be a daunting process somewhat easier. Sometimes a consultation with a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist can help steer you in the right direction towards (or away from) the kind of therapist and style of psychotherapy that may be a good fit for you. Ultimately, finding a therapist

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