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Healing And Releasing Anger

Anger and negativity often remain long after you leave someone or someone leaves you. Anger is a power emotion. If you want to heal and move on, releasing anger is the only way to really free yourself from the other and release the energetic bind. Sometimes the fear is that if we give up the anger, we lose the connection altogether, and so we unconsciously hold onto the anger to maintain the connection. The questions are: What other ways can you imagine having a connection? What kind of connection do you wish to have? Do you really want to be free?

How have you left things, and are you still connected through anger? 

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Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a New York City Psychotherapist + Consultant who splits her time between Manhattan and Santa Fe, providing online therapy to individuals and couples. With extensive training and experience, she provides psychological consultation, psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and executive coaching to a range of clients including VIP's + high-profile clients. As a women's emotional health + relationship expert, her specialties include: anxiety, depression, trauma resolution, addictions, relationship, intimacy and sexual concerns, health + autoimmune issues, loss + grief and women's mentoring. She enjoys writing, photography, yoga, meditation, travel and really good key lime pie. She lives with her husband, psychologist, scholar and mindfulness expert John Chambers Christopher. For more, subscribe to her newsletter or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Psychology Today, EMDRIA and her personal websites, Santa Fe Integrative Psychotherapy or Well+Being Blog.