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Reconnecting with Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples

If you are a couple, married or in a relationship, and would like to improve communication, increase intimacy and closeness, stop fighting and renew the spark of earlier feelings, then working with a therapist who applies Emotionally Focused Therapy or EFT could be for you! What is Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples? EFT is a short-term psychotherapy method for couples, and considered one of the most effective approaches for marriage and couples therapy. The goal of EFT is to reconnect partners and is based on well-tested theory and decades of research and clinical practice. How does EFT work? EFT focuses on what makes relationships distressed and provides a map to heal the patterns and wounds that are a destructive force in many relationships. EFT helps couples by working to

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Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a New York City Psychotherapist + Consultant who splits her time between Manhattan and Santa Fe, providing online therapy to individuals and couples. With extensive training and experience, she provides psychological consultation, psychotherapy, EMDR therapy and executive coaching to a range of clients including VIP's + high-profile clients. As a women's emotional health + relationship expert, her specialties include: anxiety, depression, trauma resolution, addictions, relationship, intimacy and sexual concerns, health + autoimmune issues, loss + grief and women's mentoring. She enjoys writing, photography, yoga, meditation, travel and really good key lime pie. She lives with her husband, psychologist, scholar and mindfulness expert John Chambers Christopher. For more, subscribe to her newsletter or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Psychology Today, EMDRIA and her personal websites, Santa Fe Integrative Psychotherapy or Well+Being Blog.