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Lifestyle Changes :: Reducing Chronic Pain, Inflammation And Depression

As a mind-body practitioner and psychotherapist in New York City, I love considering the exquisite interplay between the mind and body, especially when clients present with symptoms that can be confusing. Both women and men who seek therapy or consultations frequently report symptoms that seem to point to anxiety or depression such as: fatigue, lethargy, insomnia and sleep disturbances, decreased social activity, lethargy, decreased libido, appetite changes, and anhedonia. The picture, and the treatment plan, is not always immediately clear. As a society, we are quick to prescribe an antidepressant or medication ignoring some easily-remedied or even the root cause of suffering. Psychotherapists, when they are oriented to a mind-body connection are in the perfect position to take a comprehensive and holistic approach to helping clients improve both emotional and physical well being.

What do we know about depression and chronic inflammation? Studies show a link between

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NYC Online Therapist + Santa Fe Couples and Individual Psychotherapist, Kimberly Seelbrede, MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Psychotherapist, EMDR Therapist, Relationship Expert + Stress/Anxiety Coach who provides Psychological Consultations in-person and online working with individuals and couples. Specialties include: trauma resolution, addictions, anxiety, depression, relationships, creative, VIP + high-profile clients. She enjoys writing, photography, yoga, travel and pie. For more, subscribe to her newsletter or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Psychology Today, EMDRIA and her personal website or blog.