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Your Erotic Life :: Do You Need Sex therapy?

Tell me more about your erotic life. I think it's important. As a sex-positive therapist, I am open to conventional partnerships as well as alternative lifestyles, identities, and gender expressions. It's all just normal expressions of love

  • Are you craving more exploration, surprise, mystery, novelty, excitement, desire and passion?

  • Does your partner feel like a child or parent, thus decreasing desire?

  • Do you struggle with sharing sexual concerns with your partner, especially your sexual desires and needs?

  • Are you struggling alone with personal sexual issues?

  • Do you worry about the frequency or lack of sexual frequency in your relationship?

  • Do you feel turned-off when your partner wants sex? 

  • Does your partner struggle with sexual dysfunction?

  • Do you feel sexually unfulfilled?

  • Are you struggling to heal from a boundary violation, sexual or emotional infidelity?

  • Is your relationship longterm, and you're feeling more like roommates than lovers?

  • Are you a new parent and having trouble with life/balance or feeling romantic and sexual again?

  • Are you having hormonal or drug-related side effects or chronic pain and medical concerns?    

For many reasons, sexuality changes throughout our lifetime--this is normal. It's important however to be able to openly discuss

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Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a New York licensed Psychotherapist and Consultant with extensive training and experience. She provides pscyhological consultation, therapy and coaching to a range of clients including high-profile clients, working in-person, online and worldwide. As an EMDR therapist, couples therapist + women's emotional health expert, her specialties include: anxiety, depression, trauma resolution, addictions, relationship, intimacy and sexual concerns, health + autoimmune issues, loss + grief, creative, VIP + high-profile clients. She enjoys writing, photography, yoga, travel and really good key lime pie. For more, subscribe to her newsletter or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Psychology Today, EMDRIA and her personal website or blog.