Therapy + Coaching Via Skype :: NYC And Worldwide

I am delighted to meet with my clients in-person or via Skype, FaceTime or a HIPPA-compliant platform for video and/or telephone sessions. Working with busy New Yorkers, sometimes this option is necessary when work/life demands are great, or you are ill, moving or out of town and cannot meet in-person. Skype therapy and coaching works great for busy couples with different schedules or who may have parenting conflicts. Coaching and therapy remotely is ideal for busy professionals who are also unable to schedule regular ongoing appointments because of professional commitments. For established psychotherapy clients who are high-functioning, Skype or virtual, tele-therapy can be a wonderful adjunct to in-office appointments.

In my opinion, face-to-face sessions are ideal and the only option for many, I understand that for many clients who lead full and busy lives, therapy or coaching by Skype may be a practical alternative to commuting or meeting in my psychotherapy office. With many clients, I am able to deliver the same types of modalities that I use in-person, such as: psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy or CBT, DBT skills, mindfulness, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, relationship counseling, executive, stress and well-being coaching and even EMDR online with high-functioning clients.

What is online tele-medicine?

For psychological consultations, therapy, mentoring and coaching, mental health professionals and their clients are able to conduct private sessions remotely without missing sessions. This ensures the continuity of our work together and facilitates progress and much needed emotional or goal-attainment support.

What do you need to work with a coach or therapist remotely? You will need a computer with a descent internet connection, and many platforms work on PC’s and Apple computers using Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Who benefits from private coaching or therapy sessions with Skype?

  • Busy professionals who can’t meet in-person

  • Couples with parenting conflicts or are in different locations

  • Clients who are able to ensure their privacy either at work or home

  • Clients who are highly-motivated for growth and change and are able to continue our work together even, and especially when demands are high. This can be a time of necessary “pause.”

  • Individuals who do not have local access to highly-trained professionals, therapists and coaches

  • Clients who struggle with phobias, agoraphobia, physical illness or pain, disabilities, emotional concerns such as severe anxiety, and more. Skype sessions are an incredibly supportive option.

  • Clients who are high-functioning and not suffering from severe mental illness. I am licensed to diagnose and assess this and offer my support regarding your personal situation to ensure your psychological safety.

One added note: Online therapy is now frequently reimbursed by insurance.

Kim Seelbrede, LCSW, high-level, expertly-trained personal and executive Coach and licensed Psychotherapist working with individuals and couples and is able to meet with clients from the convenience of their home or office or while traveling, in the US or internationally.