Personal, Executive Coaching + Peak Performance Coaching

Dynamic and focused coaching for clients who feel “stuck” or need support for relationship issues, career concerns, health, fitness, life-balance, stress management, enhanced success, increased confidence and greater life-satisfaction. My clients enjoy using EMDR Treatment to enhance performance and remove personal blocks.

Clients seeking coaches are not looking to heal issues rooted in the past, nor are they looking for an expert to help them understand and explore complex family dynamics, neurotic patterns, conflicts or trauma. While the past may interfere with goals and moving forward, it is only addressed in an effort to understand what may be blocking a client from moving forward. The focus is always on clearing the path and any blocks, as needed, to help clients become more available for a new reality and way of life which includes creating goals, strategizing, taking action and gaining accountability. Generally speaking, coaching clients are men and women who are busy, self-directed, goal and performance-oriented and often, high-achievers, who thrive using personal accountability, honesty, feedback, perspective shifting, action steps and focused, challenging questions. Partnering with a life coach can be supportive, encouraging and empowering. Coaching can help clients navigate change and restore balance and enhance life-satisfaction. Whether you're interested in taking control of your health concerns, peak performance, blocks, losing weight, breaking a habit, repairing a relationship or transitioning to a new chapter in life, coaching can provide the needed inspiration, knowledge, accountability and results that you desire. When clients are interested, I combine EMDR with coaching for optimal results. Read more here...

I enjoy working with creatives, entrepreneurs and professionals who are in need of dynamic coaching and support in these areas:

  • Change + Challenges - breakups, separation, divorce and other major life-transitions
  • Passion + Purpose - discovering what you really love to do
  • Healing + Personal Empowerment - learning to communicate your needs in healthy ways
  • Self-Love + Self-Care - discovering your strengths, talents and possibilities
  • Happiness + Inner Peace- aligning or re-aligning yourself with your true nature and developing intuition
  • Goals + Dreams - identifying goals and taking action
  • Weight Loss - undoing bad habits while creating new, healthier possibilities
  • Health - support and coaching for chronic health concerns including cancer, chronic pain and autoimmune disorders
  • Creating Prosperity + Abundance - removing blocks and opening to potential and possibilities
  • Love + Relationships - breaking old patterns and habits and attracting the right relationships