Consultations + Referrals in Manhattan

Kim Seelbrede, a New York State licensed psychotherapist, offers psychological consultation and guidance to individuals and families to help them move through personal and life challenges, a difficult transition or a crisis. Clients benefit from the expertise of working with a highly-trained clinician who provides a focused, solution-based approach using assessment, education, guidance, advice and resources. One example might be a family member who is struggling with an addiction and/or a mental health issue. Consultations tend to be time-limited and problem or goal-oriented in nature. Consultations allow a client, parent or family member to explore concerns and to make decisions or changes in their lives that move them in a helpful direction. 

The consultation process is an opportunity to speak about a crisis, or problems and concerns in one's current situation. A consultation is a proactive and preventative approach to obtaining guidance and support during a challenging situation. What makes this different from ongoing therapy is that the experience is limited -- usually one or two sessions, and is not meant to replace ongoing therapy or counseling.  A consultation can help a client gain supportive advice, insight, perspective, guidance and resources for their particular circumstance.  At the end of the consultation process Kim Seelbrede offers clients an assessment of the situation,  a recommendation for treatment if needed and possible referrals to allied professionals, medical doctors or other psychological services. Because of the nature of the consultation process, clients are offered sessions in Manhattan or via Skype for convenience. Learn more here.

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