EMDR Therapy

Trauma, Dissociation, Abuse, Childhood Abuse, Neglect, Medical Trauma, Sexual Assaults, Accidents, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Addictions and more...

Kim Seelbrede is trained to provide EMDR Therapy which can be done as a primary therapy modality or as an adjunct therapy for those with an already-established therapist or treatment team.  EMDR is an evidence-based form of therapy; many clinicians find that it is more effective for their clients than CBT. Therapists and psychologists who use EMDR attest to the healing power of this treatment, and controlled research studies consistently demonstrate its efficacy and effectiveness. EMDR psychotherapy facilitates adaptive information processing as patients are able to reprocess traumatic information until it is no longer psychologically disruptive. Kim Seelbrede offers this intervention to alleviate symptoms related to trauma as well as other distressing symptoms such as: phobias, anxieties, fears, panic disorder, obsessions, depression, eating disorders, medical trauma, insomnia, sexual and emotional abuse, flashbacks, relationship issues, self-defeating patterns, poor self-esteem, accidents, performance problems and triggers for addictions. 

EMDR treatment is based on the neuroscience of the brain and uses the technique of bilateral stimulation to process through memory networks and release the emotional charge associated with distressing thoughts, memories and blocks. Compared to traditional forms of cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, EMDR has proven to be extremely effective in treating even the most problematic issues in fewer sessions. Because EMDR therapy addresses the root cause and heals at the level of the nervous system, clients have a better chance of achieving healing without needing to return to therapy. EMDR is effective for changing negative thought patterns, emotional reactions, entrenched habits and even physical discomfort that people can’t “think or understand" their way out of using traditional psychotherapy. EMDR therapy is a non-invasive, evidence-based method of psychotherapy that facilitates adaptive information processing. EMDR therapy identifies and addresses experiences that have overwhelmed the brain’s natural coping capacity and resilience, which has led to traumatic symptoms and harmful coping mechanisms. EMDR helps clients reprocess traumatic information leading to a peaceful resolution. Negative, painful thoughts and beliefs are replaced with more adaptive and realistic, here and now, self-concepts.

Kim Seelbrede is a level II EMDRIA-trained EMDR and Brainspotting clinician with a private psychotherapy and consultation practice in Manhattan. Learn more about EMDR Therapy Here.

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