Family Therapy + Counseling

All families experience struggles, conflicts and changes that can impact day to day life. When problems and concerns aren't addressed, tension and strife builds which contributes to isolation, withdrawal, overwhelm and sometimes lashing out. Family dynamics change and can lead to concerns about the integrity of the family unit. As family members age, children become more independent, circumstances change--it's important for the family members to identify feelings and concerns and to learn to communicate and express needs and desires for the future.

Families experience transitions. Change is the constant in life. Effective family therapy provides a safe environment for family members to consider relationship patterns and dynamics--a system that includes generational patterns and newly-developed dynamics. Successful family counseling can also meet the needs of newly-combined or blended families facing challenging transitions. You will be guided to create new ways of listening, relating, communicating, and functioning in an effort to understand family members and settle family struggles. It is important that all family members commit to attending sessions and are open to participating in a non-judgmental space that allows for differences as well as shared feelings, thoughts and concerns.