Specialized Coaching For Anxiety, ADD, Autism Spectrum For Adolescents + Adults + Couples 

I provide individual coaching as well as work with couples who are struggling with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) such as Asperger's Syndrome. Often, the individual or the couple is aware that ASD is a factor, even without a formal diagnosis. For couples dealing with an ASD, counseling and therapy focuses on the following:  improving communication, attention to goals and understanding the needs, feelings and perspectives of the other. People on the Autism Spectrum can improve their personal and professional relationships and their lives.

Individuals and couples with adult ADHD or ADD struggle to manage impulsivity, emotional reactivity, disorganization and problems with motivation. These symptoms of ADHD and ADD are often problematic for spouses, partners and family members. Individual and couples counseling is focused on managing ADHD effectively. Couples in particular will be helped with setting boundaries as well as learning to work as an effective team, which is an important aspect of all high-functioning relationships. 

Some of the couples I work with have a child with special needs like ASDs or ADHD. Although special needs children can create challenges for a couple, that doesn't mean divorce. Please don't believe the hype about the high divorce rates in families with autistic kids! It's not true! I can help you communicate more clearly and parent more effectively, strengthening your relationship.

Many of the couples I work with don't have any kind of diagnosis. I offer a goal-centered approach that highlights differences in communication styles and behavior patterns. Often, couples struggle due to differences in how they experience and manage emotions. Differences between partners can enhance and strengthen your relationship if you learn to work together. I've found that this style of therapy is quite effective in balancing male and female needs, and is often the most comfortable style when men aren't as enthusiastic about typical therapy. We can work on improving your relationship without having to focus on all the issues from your past!

I've had addition training in couples counseling through the Gottman Institute and I've completed Level 1 and Level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I use both Gottman Method Couples Therapy techniques and other techniques in my work with clients, and can adapt my style to suit your needs and desires. I've also been trained in Dan Wile's Collaborative Couples Counseling.