Psychotherapy for Individuals + Couples

As a NYC licensed psychotherapist, I offer online therapy for busy New Yorkers and expats for convenience, flexibility and continuity of care. Sessions are conducted online exclusively for New Yorkers via secure HIPPA-compliant videoconference, or if preferred, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or rescheduled if needed. Many of my clients, both men, women and couples, are successful, high-functioning professionals—driven and perfectionistic, yet struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, emotion regulation and relationship concerns. They present to the world as “together” yet may suffer privately. Some may have unresolved trauma(s) and family of origin issues that remain a barrier to optimal functioning in the present. Many clients seek therapy or coaching because they need professional guidance as they navigate a mental or physical health diagnosis, loss, life-challenges or a personal crisis. Using an eclectic approach, I help clients heal past wounds and trauma(s), overcome obstacles, feel empowered and embodied and enjoy healthier relationships. I have limited availability for concierge psychotherapy which allows for a more robust option, specifically for clients navigating a personal, professional or health crisis. This is generally a time-limited, solution-focused option for clients who need support and guidance during a challenging life-event. I am happy to collaborate with other health providers. In my work with couples, I am a sex positive therapist and help couples restore intimacy and create ways to have a more meaningful connection.

Consultation + Coaching

I provide professional psychological consultations and executive, anxiety and lifestyle coaching for clients worldwide. The consultation approach is short-term and solution-focused approach with the goal of providing support to receive expert advice and support to move through a psychological, emotional, behavioral or relationship problem. It is for people with a crisis or “life challenge” and is not the same as ongoing psychotherapy. My background allows me to understand and offer expertise that targets the unique concerns of dynamic, successful and smart professionals, creatives, high-profile clients and celebrities from international musicians, journalists, professional athletes, TV personalities, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEOs. Trained by world-renowned experts and pioneers in the field, I am experienced with effective, cutting-edge treatments and traditional healing modalities in addition to being a trauma-focused therapist. Therapy and coaching can help put clients on a path toward realizing personal and professional visions.

About this practice

I’ve had success blending techniques such as EMDR, SE, hypnosis, depth psychology, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, solution-focused and CBT to help clients improve emotional health and well-being. These changes generalize to enhanced work/life balance, healthier coping skills and more satisfying personal and professional relationships I am a yoga therapist and maintain a spiritual practice of meditation, yoga and living mindfully. As an integrative psychotherapist, one strength is my intuitive nature, therefore, I welcome the opportunity to help guide you in your healing journey towards wholeness and joy by being present and supportive.