I’m a licensed Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist and EMDR Therapist providing Online Therapy to busy New Yorkers, and therapy in-person to clients in Santa Fe. Many of my clients are successful, high-functioning professionals, yet struggle with anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, crisis, loss, destructive patterns that are repeated and relationship concerns. They present to the world as “together” yet may suffer privately. I have an eclectic practice and am able to work collaboratively and creatively to help you heal the past and move forward. More and more, my busy New York clients with hectic work/life schedules prefer to meet via phone or video. Teletherapy is proving to be as effective and helpful as face-to-face psychotherapy and more convenient for many clients. Trained by world-renowned experts and pioneers in the field, I can offer many of the same techniques used in-person as online. READ MORE.


I provide psychological consultations and coaching to clients in NYC and worldwide, with a specialty in women’s issues/mentoring and relationships. The consultation or coaching approach is short-term, solution-focused option to move through a psychological, emotional, behavioral or relationship problem. In keeping with my philosophy of helping clients understand themselves deeply, we work to know the unconscious parts that are driving much of what you do, including the aspects of your life that cause you pain and frustration. Without this deep-dive, coaching fails. I understand the unique concerns of dynamic, successful and smart professionals as well as creatives, high-profile clients, celebrities MD’s, lawyers, musicians, journalists, athletes, TV personalities, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 CEOs, as examples. READ MORE. 


One of my greatest passions as a relationship therapist is working with high-functioning couples who wish to deepen their connection even more. In sessions, we work to communicate more effectively and learn to “hear” and understand the emotional needs of the other, including identifying old wounds that are being repeated or recreated in the relationship. I also enjoy working vibrant partners who crave more passion, exploration, novelty, mystery and desire—together we explore ways to create this. Many couples seek therapy because they are in the midst of navigating a personal or professional crisis, have communication or sexual concerns as well as those who would like to heal from emotional or sexual infidelity. I am a sex positive therapist and work with heterosexual, same sex and non-gender conforming couples. READ MORE.