Therapy for Anxiety + Depression

Kim Seelbrede is an expert in both the psychology of anxiety treatment as well as meditation and other mind-body techniques. Her training and experience makes her uniquely qualified to offer an integrated delivery of anxiety-management techniques.  Kim Seelbrede uses a very effective protocol and combination of techniques when working with clients who struggle with anxiety. Her high success rate for helping clients overcome anxiety using combined CBT skills and EMDR techniques means that clients experience healing at the level of the nervous system, as well as gaining important self-empowerment tools to handle future situations. With a reduction in perfectionism, obsessions and excess worry, her clients report improvement in personal and professional aspects of their lives, in addition to improved productivity, motivation, focus and a decrease in procrastination. Using the nervous system healing techniques of EMDR combined with the emotion and thought management techniques of CBT,  Kim Seelbrede’s clients are able to effectively control their anxiety symptoms. This treatment protocol is effective for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder and PTSD. Because CBT is skills-based, clients feel empowered and are able to manage and control their anxiety symptoms. Because EMDR therapy heals at the level of the nervous system, clients find that they spend less time doing CBT homework, and are more often than not, able to maintain and return to a state of self-regulation.

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Depression and anxiety symptoms are common reason teens, adolescents and adults seek treatment. Therapy and the support of talking with an experienced therapist helps resolve depression for many. Psychotherapists and psychologists are trained to provide their clients with helpful tools, coping skills and ways to challenge and change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may contribute to depression. Understanding the source of the problem or situations that trigger depressive episodes may not always lead to symptom relief. Kim Seelbrede uses an integrative approach when working with depression symptoms that includes: psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal therapy, cognitive therapy, EMDR therapy, mindfulness and acceptance. Depression can be complex in nature and include a combination of genetic vulnerability, medical problems and medications, stress and life events and faulty mood regulation by the brain. For some, a combination of psychotherapy and medication offers the safest most comprehensive healing approach. Mood disorders include major depression, seasonal affective disorder, postpartum and situational depression as examples. Sometimes therapy alone is enough to resolve symptoms. A combination of interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, and when appropriate, medication, are effective treatments for depression.

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Kim Seelbrede, LCSW provides and teaches helpful cognitive behavior therapy techniques or CBT as well as dialectical behavior therapy or DBT skills for managing anxiety, self-esteem issues and stress reduction and management at her practice in convenient Gramercy Park in New York City.  Not everyone is able to afford therapy or have access to highly-trained clinicians who offer helpful therapeutic and coaching techniques, therefore, Kim has made it possible to provide the same techniques that she often integrates into private sessions with her clients. Carefully designed to help people gain control of excessive worry, anxiety, stress, obsessions and other difficulties, these thought and emotion management techniques help individuals reduce anxiety and stress-related issues as well as support enhanced self-esteem and address generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive tendencies and other problem behaviors that negatively impact the quality of one's life. Clients tend to feel a sense of personal empowerment as they gain control over symptoms such as procrastination and perfectionism and feel more focused, less anxious and more productive and motivated. 

Skill-Based Techniques

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT skills (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) for anxiety, stress and self-esteem are skill and evidence-based, which means that not only do these techniques have the data to support treatment success, clients will learn new ways of thinking and managing habitual and challenging emotions, feelings and behaviors. These newly-learned coping skills can be practiced and applied to many aspects of life, personal and professional. This means that symptoms can be controlled by learning how to manage them.

Therapy That Goes Wherever You Go

These online, self-help programs give clients the option to learn on-the-go, while traveling and in the comfort of their own environment on iPad, iPhone and personal computers. These online tools cost considerably less than working with a clinician one-to-one, and clients in other states and countries can benefit from Kim Seelbrede's clinical expertise in teaching these CBT, DBT and Mindfulness skills for the successful control of anxiety disorders, stress and self-esteem issues. What are some common conditions that CBT treats?

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