Concierge Therapy + Coaching :: Focused, Individualized Help For Stress, Crisis And Psychological Concerns

As a New York City-based licensed Psychotherapist & Consultant, and trauma-focused therapist, I provide concierge psychological care for patients who find themselves in situations where they need a more robust form of help and support. if your public profile, personal or work status, lifestyle or schedule do not allow you to seek typical psychotherapy in a therapy suite, then concierge therapy and coaching is your best option for receiving one-on-one psychological care. I specialize in working with high-profile professionals and also provide trauma-informed therapy and consultation for individuals, couples and their families. To learn more, send me an email with “concierge” in the subject line.

Whatever the challenge (e.g. intense anxiety or stress, addiction and substance use or abuse, career or personal crisis, transitions, health concerns, amongst other issues), I take a dynamic, focused and comprehensive approach to helping you through whatever circumstances you may be facing. Together, we will determine your needs and develop a treatment plan to help you move forward. I am able to collaborate with other professionals if this is an approach that is helpful.

Confidentiality, flexibility to meet busy schedules, and extensive training and experience, together we work to create individualized care that meets your needs and schedule using a secure and encrypted online platform that ensures confidentiality and privacy for individuals who require high levels of discretion.

Because I’m an integrative practitioner, I don’t adhere to a single psychological philosophy, but rather, I am able to incorporate a range of therapeutic techniques in our work together which ensures more successful healing and supportive outcomes. Some modalities include: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Relational Therapy, CBT, DBT Skills, EMDR Therapy, Somatic Experiencing Techniques, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Specialized Couples Techniques, Mindfulness and Meditation Support. Mostly, It’s about the relationship and therapist/client “fit” and your sense of trust and comfort with me. Healing and recovery happens in the context of healthier and supportive relationships.

I maintain a boutique psychotherapy practice and do not contract with insurance companies; your personal information will be kept private. Many of my clients have objected to meeting in-person because of the hassle commuting in the city, and they don’t want to be seen or recognized in public, and especially therapy waiting rooms. If anonymity is important to you we can meet via online video conferencing or phone sessions.

Some common problems that necessitate a more robust level of psychological care are:

  • Acute fear, stress, agoraphobia, exposure therapy and anxiety states

  • Mood support

  • Family crisis and support

  • Loss and prolonged bereavement

  • Addictions and substance abuse support

  • Eating Disorder Consultations

  • Medical trauma for yourself or a loved-one

  • Chronic pain, medical diagnosis

  • Divorce, separation, infidelity, child alienation

  • Narcissistic abuse

  • Professional crisis or legal concern

  • Discreet therapy, coaching and psychological consultation for high-profile clients

  • Anonymity, flexibility and increased frequency

  • Major Life Transitions, adjustments

  • Boundary setting, self-care support

  • Trauma and emotional dysregulation

Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW has received extensive and specialized training with world-renowned pioneers in the field using effective cutting-edge treatments as well as a deep respect for holistic and integrative psychotherapy approaches. My hours for concierge therapy and consultation are 8AM-10PM, including weekends and between scheduled appointment contact as well using email, text or secure messaging.