Healing Past Wounds: Psychotherapy And Meditation

Jack Kornfield shares his view of both the healing potential and limitations of meditation and psychotherapy to fully release problems related to unresolved grief, fear, trauma, relationships, loneliness, woundedness, and unfinished business from the past. Kornfield insightfully states: "Some people have come to meditation after working with traditional psychotherapy. Although they found therapy to be of value, its limitations led them to seek a spiritual practice. For me it was the opposite. While I benefited enormously from the training offered in the Thai and Burmese monasteries where I practised, I noticed two striking things. First, there were major areas of difficulty in my life, such as loneliness, intimate relationships, work, childhood wounds, and patterns of fear, that even very deep meditation didn’t touch. Second, among the several dozen Western monks (and lots of Asian meditators) I met during my time in Asia, with a few notable exceptions, most were not helped by meditation in big areas of their lives. Many were deeply wounded, neurotic, frightened, grieving, and often used spiritual practice to hide and avoid problematic parts of themselves." - Jack Kornfield, Even The Best Meditators Have Old Wounds To Heal, Buddhanet.net

I always enjoy learning from the masters, especially those who practice at the intersection of psychology, neurology and science and the wisdom of the ancient healing arts. Enjoy the full article here... http://www.buddhanet.net/psymed1.htm

Practice acceptance, try compassion and change what you can. Take care, KS

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