Life Coaching + EMDR: The Power Team

So you've tried life coaching, but find your "inner rebel" surfaces more than you'd like, sabotaging your progress -- does that sound about right? If you're looking for a way to finally get out of your own way and super-charge your coaching sessions, you might consider adding EMDR Treatment to your coaching menu. It can be especially effective when used in leadership and executive coaching, but it does require a certain openness and willingness to try something "out of the box."

EMDR therapy is a powerful technique to help clients move past barriers and unconscious conflicts that may interfere with their desired personal success during the coaching process. I've had good success working with my coaching clients weaving EMDR into our work together. My experience has been that personal coaching + EMDR truly is the "power team" -- the combination that can boost coaching to the next level -- bullseye achieved! Only licensed mental health professionals can be trained to use EMDR, but don't let the "therapist as life coach" scare you away from this powerful process. When I'm hired to coach, I do just that, coach (well mostly, until the therapist in me wonders where the "getting stuck" and interference is coming from!). That said, problems surface from time to time, and EMDR is particularly helpful when obstacles arise such as: blocks and feeling stuck, longstanding resistant negative thoughts and self-perceptions, guilt about success, anxiety about failure, feeling that you don't deserve happiness and success, self-esteem issues and performance blocks and inhibitions.

Coaching can yield amazing results for many, however at times, the usual coaching tools such as powerful questions, inquiry, accountability, support, mentoring, personal honesty and integrity, replacing negative thoughts, and so on, are not enough to get the job done, and move clients towards their goals. With stealth-like precision, coaching combined with EMDR can help clients clear the path and help them:

  • Get out of their own way
  • Uncover all those hidden dreams and desires
  • Silence the voice of the "inner self-saboteur"
  • Become effective and communicate with clarity and ease
  • Manage any anxiety and fear that might surface as one begins to make changes
  • Address any performance anxiety issues
  • Identify fear of failure, and yes, fear of success
  • Imagine and experience a future "whole, fixed and ideal self"
  • Replace negative self-limiting beliefs with positive self-esteem
  • Discover unconscious blocks that keep clients stuck around issues related to relationships, career, success, money, body image, habits, change, happiness and more

Private coaching sessions are held in person if EMDR is used. Feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your unique needs.

Practice acceptance, try compassion and change what you can. KS