Online Relationship Counseling For Busy Couples

Trying to schedule a proper couples session can be a logistical nightmare for busy New Yorkers, or partners living pretty much anywhere these days. You know, that elusive “balance” thing that everyone talks about, turns out, it doesn’t actually exist, and something has to give, and it’s often the things you need most—like couples therapy! Problem is, you need help understanding why you’re feeling triggered or overly reactive, looping in the same ridiculous communication impasse.

Don’t despair, it is possible to receive good therapy online or remotely, in the convenience or your home, or office, or hotel room, and even car. (yes, parking lot therapy, happens frequently, and usually out of necessity!) I conduct remote sessions via phone, Skype, FaceTime or a HIPPA-compliant platform. Since you may not always be in the same room, or country as your partner or spouse, we can figure that out. I always find in-person therapy to be the ideal, however, working with a relationship expert online may be your best option, or only options. And, many clients would offer that remote therapy is very effective—helpful, convenient, and they still find it intimate.

You already know about the headaches of working by video or phone, because you may already spend your days at the office videoconferencing, working around echos, frozen screens and missed words, which can be super distracting, trying to recreate that sentence. Yes, the technical difficulties of our modern society can be a real nuisance. Patience and flexibility required. I always leave a cushion of time between sessions for the unknowns. Because, you know, the doorbell rings, or the dog knocks something over, or a child has a bad dream, the internet goes wonky and we have to switch to phone, of finish the session on another evening. Reality. Anyone who says it’s the same as live, is fooling you. But it may just be better than no help, especially if you live in an area where there are too few good psychotherapists or psychologists.

Phone sessions can be a very impactful option as some people go deep in ways that they can’t face-to face or in video marriage or relationship therapy. With bad cell connections, sometimes things have to be repeated, and how do you do that without losing the original affect and richness. We deal. Also, having partners in different places means that we do miss some important cues, as I don’t see moments of closeness which is always an opportunity for connection. It’s also great to see you in your own space, in your pajamas with a mug of tea and a pup in your lap. Online therapy isn’t perfect but it’s the best that we’ve got for now. Sometimes, everything aligns in our favor, and sessions are smooth and hassle-free.

Travel demands and maintaining intimacy or working on known problems from afar can be a challenge. Long-distance relationships present interesting challenges such as navigating closeness and separateness, feeling connected with distance and hurt feelings and misunderstandings that often occur when people communicate via text. Sometimes a parent has to remain in the home to look after children, making traditional face-to-face couples sessions impossible. These are all modern-day stressors and they present opportunities, or a portal, if you will, into richer areas that you’re wanting to work on.

Or maybe you don’t want to explore, you want to fix a problem. Therapy can offer solutions to many things that couples bump up against in their daily lives. Infidelity or emotional /sexual affairs are a major concern that brings people into therapy, and helping partners heal from wound is crucial. Counseling can also give people a safe place to process complicated events, feelings and emotions, such as family of origin problems, trauma, sexual problems, a flirtatious co-worker, your passive aggressive mother-in-law.

kim seelbrede