#shrinkthinks - Practice Radical Acceptance

Develop complete acceptance from within...

This week, as we reviewed distress tolerance and handling difficult emotions in my eating disorder seminar, I was reminded of the concept of "radical acceptance." What does radical acceptance look like?

1.  Learning to develop complete acceptance that comes from within.  

2.  Understand that painful emotions are a part of life -- they are normal and to be accepted. 

3.   Stop fighting (both emotionally and behaviorally).  Learn to accept difficult emotions as a normal part of being human. 

Try these strategies borrowed from DBT Therapy: IMPROVE  the moment

I          Imagery – e.g. visualize yourself in a safe place 

M         Find some meaning in the situation

P         Prayer (what ever form that takes for you) meditation, spirituality, affirmations

R         Relaxation

O         One thing at a time

V         Vacation – take some time out of the situation, "me" time, or imagine
            yourself in an idyllic situation
E         Encouragement – use positive and calming self talk

Go ahead -- try something different!

NYC Therapist Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a Psychotherapist, Relationship and Stress Reduction Expert in New York City. She provides therapy, EMDR & Coaching to individuals and couples. Her expertise includes: anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, addictions, self-esteem, loss, transitions, crisis therapy, stress management and goal attainment. Kim Seelbrede's post-graduate training includes psychoanalytic psychotherapy, CBT, DBT Skills, EMDR, life coaching, mind-body integrative therapy with the Urban Zen Foundation and couples training with The Gottman Institute. Her private practice is located in New York City or thera-coaching and remotes sessions online via Skype.