#shrinkthinks - Holding The Consequences

Practice the imaginal technique of holding the desire to act out or do something that you know doesn't serve you in one hand (left hand: I really want to have that third drink because I'm out and having so much fun with friends) and the consequences in the other hand (right hand: three drinks turns into seven and then I'm sloppy drunk-texting former lovers, or worse!). This is your imagination, so really hold them in your hand -- feel the weight, color and texture of these two very different actions. Remember this applies to many things, like food, shopping and other reckless behaviors, impulses or compulsive behaviors. Try this:

Doing (fill in the blanks) only helps or feels good for a short amount of time, but then it just makes things worse later. I can say no, or cope without it for another hour because the consequences suck! One hour at a time.

You can also write this down, two columns on a sheet of paper, and tuck it away in your wallet. Pull it out as needed.