#shrinkthinks - Tips For Finding The Middle Path And Balance

What to do, and how to think? The best answer may be to take the Middle Path. What follows are tips for individuals who struggle with extremes and "all or nothing" thinking:

1. Be open to seeing things from different angles. There can be many ways to solve a problem. Do some research and investigate how other people have solved similar problems. Who do you admire who may have some good skills in this area? Don't be afraid to ask for help.

2. Change is constant; nothing stays the same, not ever. This is life. Things may feel stressful and hard now, but very few things remain the same. Life may not always feel this difficult.

3. When viewing a problem or situation try to spend some time in the "gray area." Many think in "all or nothing" terms. Extremes in thinking or "black and white" really limits the quality of one's life. Learning to tolerate the "gray" can lead to a richer, fuller and more fulfilling life.

4. What is the Middle Path? It is Balance plain and simple. The middle path is between acceptance and change -- it take both in order to live a balanced life. #shrinkthinks