#shrinkthinks - Worry, Anxiety And The Power Of Magical Thinking

Why do you worry so much? Because you believe that your worry, which leads to more anxiety symptoms and distress, keeps you safe. If you worry enough, and keep worrying, then maybe, you can stop it from happening. You have an odd relationship with your worry and chronic anxiety. It may keep you up at night, but in your bones, you also believe that it helps you avoid bad things. So in a way, your worry works for you. You believe that it prevents problems or accidents, it prepares you for the worst and you also believe that you may find some solutions in your chronic worry. 

Wrong, it's faulty thinking at work here. Worrying doesn't really help and worrying doesn't actually keep bad things from happening in your life. Analogy: sitting outside your home on the porch with a fire extinguisher doesn't keep your house from burning down when there's no fire. But you already know this. Worry can be a habit and an attempt to control things. Worry wears you down.

Sometimes uncomfortable, negative and bad things actually do happen. At that point, it's time to find a solution. So, how do you move from worry to problem-solving and finding good solutions?