#shrinkthinks - Scan For The Good

Instead of looking for problems, scan for areas of acceptance and gratitude...
When you have a crabby habit of mind, you often try to correct imperfect situations and you get overly concerned with other people's faults. You then may do your fair share of "turning against" the "bids" of others. You scan the world for evidence to justify your reactions. (You left the milk out again!) - John Gottman 

Some people have a chemical imbalance and may need an antidepressant to improve their mood and chronic irritability, while others need to change the way they respond to triggers and happenings in the environment. 

If this describes you, try this shift: Instead of looking for problems, scan for areas of acceptance and gratitude. 

NYC Therapist Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a skilled Psychotherapist, Relationship and Stress Reduction Expert in New York City. She provides therapy, EMDR & Coaching to individuals and couples. Her expertise includes: anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, addictions, self-esteem, loss, transitions, crisis therapy, stress management and goal attainment. Kim Seelbrede's post-graduate training includes psychoanalytic psychotherapy, CBT, DBT Skills, EMDR, life coaching, mind-body integrative therapy with the Urban Zen Foundation and couples training with The Gottman Institute. Her private practice is located in New York City or thera-coaching and remotes sessions online via Skype.