#shrinkthinks - DBT Shift - You Are Not Your Feelings!

Are you someone who over identifies with your emotions or physical sensations? It's easy, even habitual, to get caught in the tide of strong feelings and emotions. Sometimes they come upon you without warning -- fast and fierce -- leaving you feeling distressed and emotionally dysregulated. You may even feel like you're not in the here and now, but back in the there and then. This feels like something else, some other experience in the past. Emotions can feel strong, and overwhelm, but remember, you are NOT your emotions. To increase your self-esteem and sense of agency, notice when powerful feelings arise within you. Identify what may have triggered this in you. You might typically say "I CAN'T do this. I'm completely overwhelmed." Try a reframe by saying "I FEEL completely overwhelmed." How does this simple shift help? By understanding that "overwhelm" is a feeling, and YOU ARE NOT YOUR FEELINGS. "Feelings" are temporary states, transitory. Feelings pass. Ride it out, or in DBT speak, surf the wave. The psychological impact of this strategic shift can be incredibly helpful.