In her private practice, Kim Seelbrede practices psychodynamic and interpersonal psychotherapy, also integrating cognitive therapy, CBT, DBT skills, mindfulness, acceptance, solution-focused therapy, focusing techniques and EMDR therapy. When working with couples, she enjoys using her training with The Gottman Institute as well as EFT and Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Kim Seelbrede provides clinical supervision to new therapists working towards licensure as well as helping psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors integrate mind-body techniques into their practices. Kim Seelbrede has been a student of psychology for decades and has enjoyed learning and gaining new skills from a variety of traditional disciplines as well as cutting-edge techniques. She enjoys the healing results and creativity of weaving various modalities into her work with clients when helpful. She consults, practices psychotherapy and has international coaching clients that she sees in-person and worldwide via telephone, Skype, FaceTime or HIPPA compliant videoconferencing. 

Kim's nature is curious, non-judgmental and compassionate; her psychotherapy and consultation practice reflects her core values of respect, integrity and kindness, as well as offering a flexible and eclectic approach to treating psychological and somatic symptoms. Her clients describe her as intuitive and warm, and particularly helpful for clients who are seeking counseling for the first time. Psychological counseling is not only a place to explore personal struggles, but also a place to feel supported as clients celebrate and enjoy personal growth and success. Private consultations tend to be time-limited and offer clients the opportunity to gain professional knowledge and guidance to help and evaluate a particular issue or situation regarding themselves or someone they care about. Psychotherapy sessions tend to be most effective when conducted weekly or twice weekly. Executive, mindfulness, wellness and stress management coaching sessions are client directed and conducted as needed.