You don’t have to suffer alone. With a focus on helping clients heal and experience wholeness, Kimberly specializes in psychotherapy and coaching to help those struggling with relationship concerns, anxiety and mood disorders, trauma resolution, women’s issues, sexual health, hormone and autoimmune issues, stress management, burnout, work/life balance and self-care. A mind-body psychotherapist, Kimberly is also a yoga therapist and maintains a spiritual practice of meditation, yoga and living mindfully.

For Individuals

People seek treatment for many reasons, including anxiety, depression, addictions, unresolved trauma(s), transitions, personal crisis, the loss of a loved-one, chronic health problems and pain, professional or personal burnout and relationship concerns, as just a few examples. Some need help to work through a specific problem, such as feeling “stuck,” unhelpful patterns or habits and procrastination. Sometimes the reasons aren’t so clear but things just feel “off.” Even successful people find themselves repeating self-defeating behaviors or self-sabotage. I offer relational and psychodynamic psychotherapy and coaching sessions that helps individuals, couples, busy professionals, New Yorkers & Expat clients dig deeper and uncover the obstacles that keep them from leading the life they desire. As an integrative psychotherapist, my approach is intuitive, present and supportive. We may use traditional psychotherapy or “talk therapy” as well as CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, EMDR therapy, hypnotherapy and other somatic therapies in our work together.

For Couples

In couples therapy, we resolve communication challenges, identify barriers to intimacy and learn to recognize problem patterns and dynamics that are present and may be causing distress in the relationship. As a sex positive therapist, I am able to provide sex therapy as needed, addressing a range of concerns and sexual diversity. Working with couples who have experienced emotional or physical betrayal, I offer the hope of healing from infidelity and restoring trust. I welcome couples who are high-functioning but would like to improve aspects of their partnership. We can meet in-person or via phone, FaceTime, Skype or secure HIPPA-compliant platforms.

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