Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching can be a life changing experience for many. Everybody has some kind of relationship: business partners, co-workers, friends, family, lovers, or simply with themselves.

Relationship coaching is not therapy. Relationship coaching gives clients the tools needed to resolve disagreements, personality clashes and other difficulties that arise in the context of important relationships, including: siblings, colleagues, divorced parents and other partnerships. Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Is there a relationship in your life, colleagues, siblings, lover, past or present, that is causing you stress and tension?
  • Do you struggle with honesty in certain relationships?
  • Do you find it hard to have difficult conversations, communicate your needs or maintain boundaries?
  • Do you get flustered, come "undone" or lose your effectiveness in the face of conflict, negative feedback or confrontation?
  • Do you feel easily controlled in certain important relationships?
  • Are power struggles or disagreements draining you or your company's energy?

Consider communication coaching and conflict resolution consulting as a way to address problematic relationships.


Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
— Rumi

Singles Coaching

I have worked successfully with single women and men who are searching for a partner. Common issues and barriers to success includes struggling with the breakup of a marriage or relationship, anxiety about moving forward, feeling stuck in past rejection, fear of dating and learning how to set healthy boundaries. Having a fulfilling romantic relationship is a rewarding part of life, and yet people struggle. Finding a partner that would better meet your needs now and understanding and leaving behind early relationship dynamics that have not worked well is a positive goal. Sessions will also help you to understand insecurities that may to be holding you back, and help you to move forward. Sessions for singles will focus on defining the type of relationship you want, as well as discussing practical strategies to obtain it. It’s a positive step to give yourself the support and tools that you need work towards creating the kind of relationship you deserve. Therapy and coaching for singles is available in Manhattan or by Skype.