Thera-Coaching Online

Online Therapy refers to professional services offered by telephone, Skype or Gmail video conferencing.  E-Therapy is similar to coaching and can be used effectively to help high-functioning individuals with a range of issues including: Relationship problems, mild anxiety and stress-related problems, work and career issues, motivational difficulties, self-growth, and for existing clients who may have to miss sessions because of schedule conflicts.  Online therapy is a very convenient option for those with busy work schedules or for individuals who travel extensively or split their time between two homes. Many choose to augment their face-to-face sessions using online services. Distance therapy is limited, and is not meant to replace in-person sessions, nor is it a substitute for emergency treatment. Mental health professionals who utilize e-therapy should not diagnose or treat serious diagnosed mental disorders.  Online therapy is not appropriate for the following problems:

  • Individuals diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder

  • Bipolar Disorder or psychotic symptoms (delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking)
  • Difficulties related to an addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Those in need of a medical diagnosis or hospitalization
  • Crisis or those at risk for harming self or others

It is important to understand that technology can fail and safeguards must be considered to protect your privacy. If people in your home or office have access to your computer, the confidentiality of your online therapy session may be at risk. Online therapy is not covered by insurance.

Some helpful information about distance therapy: