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Kimberly is the most intuitive and gifted therapist that I have ever worked with. I am a physician with a busy work and personal life. Her relationship guidance and advice was extremely helpful. As a scientist, I yearned for deeper meaning. She has helped me connect to my spiritual side and has been my spiritual counselor and go-to therapist for years. Her guided meditations are unbelievable. -SB

Kim Seelbrede is a brilliant, insightful and compassionate therapist. She helped me move from feeling unsafe physically and mentally to leading a less fearful and fuller life. She also made it easy to talk about the most painful parts of my life. The techniques she used for grounding when I experience derealization and depersonalization were invaluable. She helped me get through some difficult situations and not make the same mistakes again. The dissociation that used to occur on a daily basis only happens on occasions and I can manage this now. I'm also grateful for for her knowledge about holistic wellness and nutrition -AF

Kim Seelbrede, LCSW is a gentle yet strong, authentic and graceful soul who "helps" and teaches from a place of strength and real life experience and wisdom. Her willingness to share her own life lessons, challenges and experiences helped me feel less alone in my life as I am not someone blessed with mentors and role models. Thank you Kim for your guidance, intuition and your ability to partner with me to help me create the life I now have. -LR

You are the best! As you know, I quit my life-sucking job and found the courage to do what I really wanted to do, but was afraid because of the "shoulds." I write this from the beach where I now do what makes my heart sing. Remember, "It's all a game," and "everyday is a new day" ;) - JD

My life has been very difficult and traumatic from an early age in many ways. Kim Seelbrede is not one of those life coaches or aspiring spiritual guru types who tells me it's my fault, and that if I had more positive thoughts things would be different. She is spiritual and very intuitive. She helped me develop acceptance and the ability to learn from adversity, become stronger, find passion, move through the pain and learn the lessons that I needed for myself. She was able to help me see important patterns that I was repeating because of my early trauma and interrupt those patterns. Even though she is a highly trained psychotherapist, she has to confidence to try different therapies. She even uses essential oils during EMDR and guided meditations which is a very calming and soothing experience. She is truly compassionate, careful and wise. -KL

EMDR Therapy gave me the best results. I’ve done CBT, biofeedback, hypnosis and other forms of therapy in the past for anxiety and performance blocks. Nothing has compared to EMDR sessions which has led to a panic-free life and a huge reduction in fear during performances and public appearances. -EM

I was not happy with my step down program that my rehab recommended for me and not a fan of twelve steps. I do not believe I have a disease especially because I was diagnosed with PTSD from childhood abuse and trauma. She recommended other meetings for me and I saw her three times a week for recovery support. She helped reinforce what I learned while I was away in rehab. She is trained in DBT so we continued with that using a workbook and practicing situations that might come up in real life. She also continued the EMDR that I started in rehab which helped me to heal from the trauma which I believe is the real reason I was using drugs and self-harming. I have been sober for over a year. -MD

Genius couples therapy. We booked a private weekend workshop and learned and grew more than we ever thought possible. Marriage counseling with Kim Seelbrede saved my marriage and helped us both understand our triggers and some of the dynamics that had a grip on us both. We also developed a deeper love and understanding of each other.-JF

I was sexually abused at a young age by my mother. I’ve been helped more in 1 year working with Kim combining psychotherapy with EMDR than with all the other therapists that I’ve worked with in the last 30+ years. Together we continue to work on trust, shame, attachment issues and releasing the trauma from my body. The EMDR therapy is amazing, but she is also an excellent psychotherapist especially for understanding the past and present. She is intuitive, skilled and very smart. We are still working on some residual problems like relationships, but I trust her completely. She also makes excellent referrals for acupuncture, body work and psychiatrists when needed. -JG

Kim Seelbrede is the best therapist that I have worked with for my trauma issues, and I’ve been in psychotherapy for most of my teen and adult life. She shows empathy and is caring, intelligent, and intuitive. I’ve done EMDR in the past, but her EMDR is more creative than with other therapists and I believe helped me heal. I’ve recommended her to others who have also been helped by her. -RA

Kim Seelbrede is very highly trained and knowledgeable about diagnosis and which kind of therapies to use and when. She is very knowledgable about nutrition, stress problems and hormone issues (thyroid, adrenal) and uses holistic and integrative approaches which was something that I was interested in for myself. I was able to get off of medications that were making me feel “drugged” and giving me bad side effects. Instead we did some treatments that got to the root of the problem and she also gave me techniques from CBT which were extremely helpful. I’m very grateful to have been in her care! -PB

I’ve been seeing Kimberly Seelbrede for many years and she has supported me through very difficult times in my life. She quickly understands challenging, complex situations and has been able to guide me to make better choices during a life crisis. Not sure where I’d be without her professional guidance and genuine caring support. I came from a very violent home, and she helped me to see my strengths, clarify what’s important, learn to discern better and know when I’m stepping into old patterns that I had a tendency to repeat. I believe our relationship and her investment in me helped me heal. I am now in a healthy relationship and I have work that I enjoy. I might have been dead without her ongoing support. She’s always welcoming when I need to come in for extra support. -TS

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