Licensed Psychotherapist for Individuals + Couples, EMDR Therapy for Trauma Resolution, Consultation + Coaching

Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a licensed Psychotherapist, Coach and Consultant with extensive post-graduate training and experience. As a practitioner of mind-body medicine, Kimberly works to create a unique and integrative practice for her clients that skillfully blends interpersonal/relational psychotherapy with CBT, DBT skills, mindfulness, neuropsychology, EMDR therapy, lifestyle counseling, coaching and clinical consultation. As an integrative psychotherapist, Kimberly counsels her clients to find balance in their lives and identify unhealthy habits, dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs that contribute to mood and behavior concerns, with the goal of replacing these with more effective ones. Her clients are supported to gain the insight and clarity to help navigate difficult life circumstances and dilemmas, heal from traumatic events, develop healthier work and personal relationships and feel resilient, productive and fulfilled. Kimberly incorporates a holistic approach, providing alternatives to conventional medications for anxiety, depression, ADHD and health concerns including chronic pain, illness and autoimmune disorders. As a mind and body practitioner, she emphasizes life-balance, nutrition and self-care as they directly impact mood, behavior and health. Kimberly Seelbrede maintains relationships with talented professionals who offer such services as meditation, nutrition, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, psychiatry, massage therapy and mindfulness coaching.

Kimberly works with adolescents, adults and couples helping to optimize health and wellness in addition to addressing anxiety, depression, mood disorders, life transitions, eating disorders, addictions and compulsions, phobias, grief and loss, loneliness and isolation, work/family balance, stress, negative patterns and habits, self-defeating behaviors, creative and performance blocks, life transitions and relationship issues. Kimberly has received specialized training with the William Alanson White Institute For Psychoanalysis for eating disorders, addictions and compulsions, couples training with the Gottman Institute, mindfulness, nutrition and yoga therapy with The Urban Zen Foundation and is an advanced level II EMDR specialist. 

Kimberly Seelbrede understands the unique challenges, demands and struggles of celebrities, high-profile and talented individuals and has a special understanding of celebrity mental health. Her own personal life experiences and unique training enables her to provide the mentoring, support and guidance that clients benefit from the most. As a consultant and coach Kim Seelbrede works with individuals and companies on issues related to stress management, communication and relationships. She sees therapy clients in her Manhattan office and consultation and coaching clients in-person or online via Skype, FaceTime or HIPPA-compliant VSee.  

Developing a life that is satisfying and rich may involve finding balance between elements of change and acceptance. The experience of feeling “stuck” in your life can feel hopeless, and is often downright painful. Understanding unhelpful patterns and dynamics that are repeated again and again in the here and now, contributes to enhanced maturity and a more reality-based, conscious life. Coaching and counseling can help you identify unhelpful adaptations to life and circumstances as well as connect to and unearth the parts of yourself that will contribute to optimal emotional and physical health. My mission is to help you identify your strengths, live mindfully, develop acceptance where needed, resolve trauma and addictive behaviors and explore new ways of “being” in both your personal and professional life. I believe that growth, corrective emotional experiences and healing occurs in the context of healthier relationships, including the therapeutic relationship.
— KS
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Psychodynamic/Relational Psychotherapy

Couples + Relationship Counseling

CBT, DBT, Crisis Counseling

Family Therapy + Support

Distance + Online Counseling

Anxiety, Trauma + Depression

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Personal Coaching

Executive + Peak Performance

Clinical Consultation + Referrals

Clinical Supervision

Lifestyle + Stress Management Coaching

Recovery Support

EMDR Therapy


Meditation + Mindfulness

Guided Imagery

Integrative Therapy Workshops

Stress Reduction Workshops

 Integrative Psychotherapy + Coaching For Individuals + Couples

  • Gain support through a personal crisis, transition, loss, trauma or challenging situation
  • Uncover hidden blocking beliefs that may be sabotaging success and happiness
  • Address dissociation, body image, eating disorders, compulsions, addictions, substance use or abuse and obsessions using cutting-edge therapies such as specific EMDR Therapy protocols, Somatic Experiencing & Brainspotting 
  • Learn to identify important thoughts, feelings and motivations; develop enhanced self-awareness and empathy for self and others
  • Break through blocks in intimacy; detach from unhealthy relationships; break patterns of repetition in significant relationships
  • Learn to identify triggers that lead to anger, confusion and relationship dysfunction
  • Become more confident, effective and assertive in personal and professional relationships; learn more adaptive coping skills, self-care rituals and habits
  • Uncover patterns of crippling perfectionism that interfere with achievement, success and personal happiness
  • Process and heal painful feelings of loneliness, disappointment, sadness, loss, grief, guilt, shame, anger, envy and fear
  • Develop enhanced attention and awareness through relaxation techniques, mindfulness and radical acceptance
  • Resolve trauma and abuse symptoms, develop healthier boundaries and heal early attachment wounds
  • Consultations for referrals to psychopharmacologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health experts, allied professionals, conventional and alternative medical practitioners

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