Psychotherapy, EMDR Therapy, Skype Coaching + Consultation in Manhattan 

Kimberly Seelbrede, LCSW is a New York City-based licensed Psychotherapist, Coach and Consultant with extensive post-graduate training and experience working with individuals, families and couples. As a practitioner of mind-body medicine, Kimberly is an expert in lifestyle and stress management and works to create a unique and integrative psychotherapy practice for her clients that skillfully blends psychodynamic psychotherapy with, CBT, DBT skills, mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy, neurobiology/psychology education, EMDR therapy, hypnosis, self-care practices, intuitive counseling and wellness coaching/stress management support. The majority of her clients are busy New Yorker's who struggle with stress, performance blocks, emotion regulation, depression, anxiety, psychosomatic disease, addictions, eating disorders, trauma, life transitions and spiritual concerns and are seeking greater life-balance support, increased resilience, support for unhelpful patterns and habits and improved professional and personal relationships. As an integrative psychotherapist, Kimberly incorporates a holistic approach, offering alternatives to conventional medications for anxiety, depression, ADHD and other health concerns including hormonal imbalance, chronic pain, illness and autoimmune disorders. As an EMDR expert, Kimberly is delighted to offer this alone for trauma resolution or integrated into regular psychotherapy sessions. In Addition to EMDR therapy, Kimberly offers mindfulness and focusing for clients open to mind-body and somatic therapies.

As a psychotherapist & consultant who practices mind-body medicine, my approach blends the wisdom of ancient traditions and somatic therapies with aspects of talk therapy and practical skills. My goal is to guide my clients in their efforts to feel “whole” and “well,” creating a naturally occurring sense of ease and embodiment. Clients are then able to experience deeper connections to self, others, and ultimately, enjoy a more satisfying and meaningful life.
Deep and lasting healing can be achieved by utilizing internal and external resources such as neurobiological attachment, connecting to the natural world, somatic resources, tapping into the wisdom of the body, eye movement, breathwork, and developing intuition and a deep understanding of one’s true self and a higher consciousness. I offer tools and practices that draw from the wisdom of many approaches including somatic psychotherapy, working with unconscious elements, cognitive behavior therapy and using the healing nature of the therapeutic relationship. Problems of the mind and body such as depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic pain and disease are a call to dig deeper, to uncover the many ways that we struggle to feel whole, which includes the need to express our true nature, inhabit our bodies and feel connected to life force.
— KS

In addition to her advanced EMDRIA-certified training, Kimberly has received specialized training with the William Alanson White Institute For Psychoanalysis for eating disorders, addictions and compulsions, couples training with the Gottman Institute, mindfulness, nutrition and integrative yoga therapy with The Urban Zen Foundation. Kimberly Seelbrede understands the unique challenges, demands and struggles of celebrities, high-profile and talented individuals and has a special understanding of celebrity mental health. Her own personal life experiences and unique training enables her to provide the mentoring, support and guidance that clients benefit from most. Kimberly Seelbrede maintains relationships with talented professionals who offer such services as meditation, mindfulness coaching, nutrition, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, psychiatry, psychopharmacology and massage therapy. She coaches and counsels private clients, couples, families, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, actors, musicians, artists and Fortune 500, C-Suite executives.  She sees therapy clients in her Manhattan office and consultation and coaching clients in-person or online via Skype, FaceTime or HIPPA-compliant platforms. 

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Psychodynamic/Relational Psychotherapy

Couples + Relationship Counseling

CBT, DBT, Crisis Counseling

Family Therapy + Support

Distance + Online Counseling

Anxiety, Trauma + Depression

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Personal Coaching

Executive + Peak Performance

Clinical Consultation + Referrals

Clinical Supervision

Lifestyle + Stress Management Coaching

Recovery Support

EMDR Therapy


Meditation + Mindfulness

Guided Imagery

Integrative Therapy Workshops

Stress Reduction Workshops

 Integrative Psychotherapy + Coaching For Individuals + Couples

  • Gain support through a personal crisis, transition, loss, trauma or challenging situation
  • Using EMDR, increase capacity to experience calm and comfort in the body, release trauma, uncover hidden blocking beliefs that may be sabotaging success and happiness or contributing to anxiety and depression, reduce the impact of negative experiences
  • Address dissociation, body image, eating disorders, compulsions, addictions, substance use or abuse and obsessions using cutting-edge therapies such as EMDR, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing techniques & Brainspotting 
  • Break through blocks in intimacy; recognize unhealthy relationships; break patterns of repetition in significant relationships
  • Learn to identify triggers that lead to anger, confusion and relationship dysfunction
  • Learn more adaptive coping skills and develop nurturing self-care rituals 
  • Process and heal painful feelings of loneliness, disappointment, sadness, loss, grief, guilt, shame, anger, envy and fear
  • Develop enhanced attention and awareness through relaxation techniques, mindfulness and radical acceptance
  • Resolve trauma and abuse symptoms, develop healthier boundaries and heal early attachment wounds
  • Unearth parts of yourself that are dissociated and explore areas of spirituality and your true nature
  • Heal physical symptoms of disease and pain by connecting to habitual thoughts, unexpressed emotions and trauma