Therapy + Coaching Philosophy

Kim Seelbrede has been a student of psychology and yoga for decades. Kim offers her clients intuitive guidance, tools and practices that draw from the collective wisdom of neuroscience, eastern practices, traditional psychological practices, and somatic approaches. Her approach integrates her extensive post-graduate training including practical skills using cognitive behavior therapy or CBT techniques and DBT Skills and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, EMDR, Focusing-oriented techniques and somatic psychotherapy practices, elements of depth-psychology for working with unconscious blocks and shadow work, parts therapy, guided imagery, meditation and mindfulness support. Her respect for the mind-body connection encourages self-care practices to heal deeply and cultivate a connection with self. Kimberly views anxiety, depression, addictions, eating disorders, feeling "lost" and hopelessness as symptoms and important information—a call to dig deeper and return to our true essence of freedom, play, joy, embodiment, spirituality and abundance.

Kim Seelbrede’s nature is curious, non-judgmental and compassionate; her psychotherapy, coaching and consultation practice reflects her core values of acceptance, integrity and warmth, as well as offering an integrative and eclectic psychotherapy approach to treating psychological and somatic symptoms. Her clients describe her as intuitive and kind, and particularly helpful for clients who are seeking counseling for the first time. Psychological counseling and coaching is not only a place to explore personal struggles, blocks and unhelpful patterns, but also a place to feel supported as clients celebrate and enjoy personal growth and success. When working with couples, she uses her training with The Gottman Institute as well as EFT to facilitate intimacy and renewed connection and attachment.  She enjoys the healing results and creativity of weaving various modalities into her work with clients when helpful.